About us

Who are we?

We are passionate family owned business who enjoys living a conscious lifestyle. We love high performance, minimalism and our beautiful planet. After spending two year studying sustainability, High Performance Basics was created with a purpose of manufacturing a conscious line of products that add value to all stakeholder in the value chain along with our planet. There was an urge to educate citizens to move towards a sustainable lifestyle. We set out to do this by giving our customers high performance basics and essentials that are designed to stand the test of time. Everything is created with care for our planet and people. Through our journey, we want to educate and improve our own processes while empowering our customers to live more consciously. We are thrilled to offer you some of the finest basics and essentials you will ever come across.


Our philosophy is built upon three pillars: Planet, People and Performance. Everything is designed to last with simplicity and elegance in mind. We want you to value and cherish each product. We want to create products that have the least impact on our planet but a long lasting relationship with you.


We create everything in a mindful manner. Conserving resources and preserving a liveable environment is important to us. It starts with the choices of the material, processes in place and how its packed and shipped. Our materials and ingredients are either organic or more eco-friendly that the traditional materials. We believe we can create beautiful lasting products with minimal environmental impact. We strive to be carbon neutral.


We try to work with suppliers in our local surroundings, this gives us an advantage to work closely with them. Although certifications are important to us, we prefer to certify the workspaces ourselves by working with them. Each of our suppliers are committed to our vision and mission. We ensure that every workplace is safe and free of child labour. Each worker is paid above minimum wage and treated with respect.


We believe everything you own should add value not clutter. High Performance Basics promises the highest quality and best use of materials in every product we create. We strive for consistency. We are confident you will not find better performing products out there. We are dedicated to simplicity in everything we do. Perfection to us is when there is nothing else to remove from our product.