Our Story

To tell the story of TRIBAL MOUNTAIN coffee, we just need to look into our history of having coffee plantations for over 40 years. India supplies quality coffees to the world market. The Indian estate and plantation coffees are beautifully prepared, clean and deliver that "classic" coffee flavor with a wonderful chocolate after-taste. The western markets source the premium beans from India Plantation beans for their blend - a strong and powerful indication as to how good are the India Plantation beans.

We identify fine selections of single origin coffee beans from South India for you. We source them directly from farmers to ensure they receive a fair price and encourage sustainable practices. We aim to deliver fresh, quality coffee beans to our customers and increase the value of the green beans for the farmers.


Our Products

The coffee is made of natural coffee beans from our farm and does not contain any additives. Its flavor is derived from the beans which are roasted and ground to deliver unique tastes. At TRIBAL MOUNTAIN in The Nilgiris, after countless attempts and consulting with numerous coffee experts from around the world, we managed to create  few unique coffee blends which is sure to blow your taste buds away. All of our products are sourced locally from our farms, freshly roasted and packaged by artisans. 

Whether you like your coffee as espresso, filter coffee with milk or a cappuccino; we have the right coffee beans for you.